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The best wellness cures with the use of jacuzzi tubs

The spa is increasingly used by athletes because it helps them recover faster after intensive training because increases blood circulation and eliminates toxins and excess lactic acid on the muscles. All of these professional practices can give your ideas for setting up your spa environment and creating your personalized ritual.

Creating your personalized ritual

Everything is done, so that the spa client loses all his bearings of everyday life and lives an exotic experience within the Spa. The principle is to solicit the maximum 5 senses of the human being: the touch, the sight, the hearing, the smell and the taste. The spa is also very linked today to aromatherapy (therapy with essential oils). It is a very good complement to hydrotherapy. Beyond the very pleasant scent diffused in the spa, the benefits of essential oils have been known for centuries. They act on the body as a whole by strengthening and stimulating the natural defence systems. Depending on the chosen plants, the effects are either stimulating, soothing or even balancing.

The spa and the willness

When we think of the jacuzzi, we immediately imagine the feelings of well-being that ensue: dive into a very hot bath, let yourself be massaged by hydro jets. It is true that the jacuzzi, and more generally balneotherapy and thalassotherapy equipment. The jacuzzi tubs are relaxing because it stimulates the body's production of endorphins. These are similar to a natural painkiller and provide a feeling of well-being. This is why the endorphin is called "the hormone of happiness». The effect of hot water on blood circulation allows endorphin and other nutrients to access damaged cells. By its action, blood pressure falls and tensions on the heart and other organs decrease. Jacuzzi offers a solution to have my muscles tone and without pain. The skin is perfectly purified and toxin-free with its smooth character.

We are relaxed in a spa under good blood circulation and finally spa is a good anti-stress that eliminates all our worries.

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