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THe Spa maintenance needed

Maintenance is the key to any outdoor product. We usually always look for products that require a minimum of maintenance in order to get the most out of them. The swimming pool is a product that requires a lot of maintenance. You must not only make sure to check the water quality, if necessary, with the contrasts of pH and Cl, but also carry out cleaning several times a week on the water surface, as well as activate the automatic or manual cleaner. several times to be able to make sure the water is clean and swimming will not be unpleasant. There are manual or automatic shelters that reduce the impact of dirt on the water, but their cost is very high. For its part, the spa is always equipped with an easy-to-use cover which not only prevents the evaporation of the water but also maintains its temperature; it also helps prevent falling leaves and other items that can contaminate the water or filters. Disinfection of the spa is generally automatic using ozone and ultraviolet disinfection systems. This treatment is usually supplemented by a treatment that stabilizes the pH of the water and thus avoids water hardness problems.

Ease of use of the spa

A spa is a product that can be used all year round. With its automatic heating system, you can program the spa temperature and maintain it year round, whether it's hot or cold. Entering the spa can become a unique experience when the garden or terrace is surrounded by snow. You would never think of doing the same with a swimming pool. Heavy use of swimming pools in hot areas is estimated to be limited to two months, severely limiting their usefulness for the rest of the year. While in the summer it is a fun and fantastic space for children, the rest of the year it becomes an inconvenience that needs to be maintained.

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